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April 3, 2011
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Doodles of a 15 Year Old by PuccaNoodles2009 Doodles of a 15 Year Old by PuccaNoodles2009
Click for full size! Then you can see everything...

I guess I have to explain myself on this one.

First of all- sorry to all my watchers! I haven't been uploading because I haven't had anything to draw... but I guess I should upload this because it's been something I've been working on for a while. And yes, I am 15. For a majority of my life here on deviantArt, I've been 14-15 years old.

I like to experiment with A LOT of different styles, but (as you can see) a lot of times it doesn't work out :(

So every year since I was about... 5 years old, I have kept a "summary" of my improvement on one sheet of paper, so that I can look back on my drawings every year without having to go through millions of sheets of paper.
2010-2011, I decided to make it all fancy and digital. :) I hope you don't get a headache from looking at this...

Disclaimer- Yes, I used many reference photos for this, and yes, a lot of these drawings directly copy off the reference photos... please don't kill me, I wasn't originally planning to upload this in the first place anyway but I need something for my watchers to look at. But I did not trace! I never trace ;)

Miku: Last year I really got into the whole vocaloid thing... you know how that goes.

Deformed Ariel: This was actually the first thing I drew out of the whole picture, but I tried something different. I made a line, and then tried to transform it into something (thus is why ariel is all deformed with the horrible anatomy and such...)

Chibi Princesses: I have this weird obsession with drawing frilly, flowery puffy floofy princess dresses. I don't know why, but it's just so fun to draw them! So that's probably why I drew 2...

Little Miss Chatterbox: I have a Mr. Men and Little Miss Calendar right above my laptop

Patricia Martin and Konata: I loove lucky star because... it's just relaxing to watch when I'm bored. >:)

Pokemon: This is self explanatory... pokemon is freaking awesome.

Tinkerbell: At the time, I was watching the 3 tinkerbell movies and decided to draw her

Alice: My favorite favorite favorite Disney girl, idk why, it's probably her dress. I was Alice 6 years in a row in elementary school for Halloween, and I think I'm going to be her again this year... my mom hated the official costumes so she always made me them :) I still have them all in my closet, all 6!

Judy Jetson: DUDE... The Jetsons... must I say more???
If I was capable, I would draw the animaniacs (FAVE SHOW), but I ran out of room :(

Cat and Mouse: ... I really don't know. Random.

Lilo: I love drawing lilo, I think it's because she's simple and cuuute. And yes, I totally copied this off the reference photo... :/ I'm not creative enough.

Madeline: Dude, another fave show. Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss.

Ponyo: I really thought this movie was cute!

Princess Peach: As most people know... I'm highly addicted to video games D: Which is terrible... but yeah... Princess Peach is an easily identifiable character and easy to draw.

OCs Don't mind them, they're just there so this whole doodle compilation wasn't all fanart. ;)
Blondie one- Named Ily (yeah.. like "I love you"), pronounced "Eye-lee". Don't know how I thought up naming an OC that, but I did >:)
One with super long ponytail- That's Kumi... when I was a total asian weeaboo (yes, even though I am 100% super asian, I can be a weeaboo too. I believe.) I named her ... kumi. I wanted to practice drawing flowy hair, so I totally exaggerated her hair....
Strawberry- Part of a series with Ily that I made when I was in 5th grade ;) She's a strawberry girlyy
Megson- Main protagonist in the "series" I made when I was in 5th grade :D
Random girl drawing- ...just some random girl drawing.

Perry and Candance&Jeremy and Isabella: UHMMMM I have an unhealthy obsession with phinease and ferb... don't kill me. Please.

Jesse: I'm not even joking, I can do a one man show with the script from Toy Story 3. I did it for my friend over skype. ... So yeah. Cheers!

Fruits Basket: Probably the 3rd manga I ever read, their little animal... and food form is easy to draw and cute

Chihiro: DUUUDEEEE SPIRITED AWAY FAVORITE MOVIE EVERRRR (see, total weeaboo.) I just love the story... the animation.. the ART... ;') lahhve

Guy eating ipod: oh, that's just my friend. Don't mind him, leave him and his ipod-ivore eating habits alone.

other... I'm too lazy to explain every part of the "other". The peas are from toy story 3, the 3 little people doing a high five in the middle are from the pure life water bottle... yeah

I congratulate you if you actually READ through that. How many ghosts can you find?

I'm out.

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Wow awesome! There's just so much cool stuff going on!
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Ilove it hatsune miku and fruits basket and lucky star and spirited away! But miku is 16 not 15
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Haha ehm well he description says that this is my sketch palette of when I was 15.. its not of characters that are 15 haha ^^;;
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